• A little love every month can make the dreams of a parentless or a single parented student come true.

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What is Hope?

Hope is a group of passionate givers who donate monthly to provide college education to single-parented & parentless students and help them become graduates. They believe every child deserves education.

They support us in our vision of educating 2025 parentless and single parented children by the year 2025.

As of Dec 2020, we have sponsored the education of 850 students till date for their graduation.

We are their only HOPE. A little love every month will make their dreams come true.
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Our vision is to support 2025 students by the year 2025. Join HOPE now!

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I am the Change Scholarship

Many children drop out after school and don't go to college due to financial challenges. This number is high especially for parentless and Single parented students.

‘I am the change scholarship' is an initiative of Team Everest NGO through which we provide scholarship for single parented/parentless students who are good at academics, but are financially challenged to pursue graduation.

We are currently sponsoring 400 students for their graduation.

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It's not just about the scholarship. It's about taking responsibility for the for the overall development of the students. 

Financial Support
​Financial assistance up to Rs.30,000 per year.

Skill Development
100 hours of skill development training every year.

 Internship Opportunities
Internship with Corporate and Startups. 

Volunteering Opportunities
Students are engaged in volunteering activities.

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Why Give Monthly?

Affordable & Flexible

You can contribute any amount of your choice that can be changed any time.

Sustained Support

Monthly donation ensures continued support to the student.

Invest in Future

Provides steady funding that will allow us to plan and execute better.


Hope Community

        Be part of the community & hear about the impact you made.

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